Refrigerators are some of the most useful technologies that were ever invented. Made for food preservation, they extend the shelf life of your food to make your life less costly.

They are also very useful for storing and organizing your food. Built as a very durable appliance which can last for many years, they can often experience issues however and may need repair. So, if you think your refrigerator has problems, have it fixed immediately.

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How Refrigerator Works?

Have you ever wondered how the refrigerators in your home work? With EAS Repair you can definitely know. Before Refrigeration, keeping food fresh is a pretty tuff job. In the past, people used to salt there food or bury it in the snow to keep it fresh, but now the refrigerator has change the way we conduct our daily lives, making it easier to preserve food. have you ever wondered how refrigerator keeps your food fresh and provides a refreshingly chilled beverage on a hot day? Well, let’s find out. Refrigeration is actually quite simple. To understand the principles behind it, just remember that when liquid is evaporates, it absorbs heat and when it condenses it releases heat. A simple example is that when your hand is wet it feels cold, this is the process of the water evaporating and cooling your hand.

On a very humid hot day, your frosty beer will have water condensing on the outside of the bottle, this warms your beer. To pull off this situation, A refrigerator uses five major components an expansion device, evaporator coil’s, a compressor, condenser coil’s and a refrigerant. The refrigerant is a liquid that enters in the expansion device, as it passes through the sudden drop in pressure makes it expand, cool and turn into a gas. As refrigerant flows around the evaporator coil it absorbs and removes heat in the food inside.

The compressor squeezes the refrigerant, raising it's temperature and pressure. It’s now a hot high-pressure gas. The refrigerant then flows through condenser coil’s on the back of the fridge, radiating it's heat to the atmosphere and cooling back into a liquid as it does so. The refrigerant then re-enter the expansion of ice, and the cycle repeats itself. So basically heat is constantly picked up from the inside of the refrigerator and take it outside of it. that’s all.

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Our technicians are highly experienced with troubleshooting and repairing refrigerators of most types and models and a wide variety of brands.Refrigerator leaks, damaged compressors, broken condenser, build up of ice in freezer, refrigerator is cycling too much, temperature is too cold or not cold enough, excessive noise, evaporator fans and other electrical components which can break and need to be repaired as soon as possible, are some of the problems which you may be experiencing. At EAS Repair, our technicians are here to help you with your refrigerator repair!We will diagnose your damaged refrigerator and provide you with the parts and service to extend your refrigerator's life and performance.